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  1. Under construction.[work in progress]Thank you for your patience.

  2. Bookmarking any of the computer generated index or article pages may be unreliable. The program is using dynamically generated filenames, which may change from day to day. This is a bug and will be corrected soon.

  3. The keyword search engine is still not very smart. The program only searches for articles which contain -all- of the given "INCLUDE" words. There is no 'OR' operator yet. This is a big bug and will be corrected soon.

  4. Search is not case sensitive. Uppercase and lowercase letters are handled as equals. This is a feature.

  5. Search is not limited to whole words.
    Example, search "ROOM" will match on both "mushroom" and "grow room".

  6. Search is not limited by keyword sequence. There is no way yet to search for a phrase.
    Example, search "GROW ROOM" will match on both "growing mushrooms" and "room to grow". This is a bug and might even be corrected someday.

  7. email bugreports to

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